Boiardo: Orlando Innamorato

A complete English translation

With woodcut illustrations from the 1602 Appresso Domenico Imberti edition courtesy of the Internet Archive Books collection.

Boiardo - Orlando Innamorato - Cover

Yet I love her still, though to death I go.

Matteo Boiardo, 'Orlando Innamorato' Book I, Canto XII.



List of Characters

Book I: Canto I (Angelica at the Court of Charlemagne)

Book I: Canto II (The Tournament)

Book I: Canto III (The Founts of Love and Loathing)

Book I: Canto IV (War in Spain)

Book I: Canto V (Seeking Angelica)

Book I: Canto VI (The Cup of Forgetfulness)

Book I: Canto VII (The Battle at the Gates of Paris)

Book I: Canto VIII (Joyous Palace and Castle Cruel)

Book I: Canto IX (Dragontina's Enchanted Garden)

Book I: Canto X (The First Battle of Albracca)

Book I: Canto XI (Agricane within the City)

Book I: Canto XII (The Tale of Tisbina, Iroldo, and Prasildo)

Book I: Canto XIII (The Tale of Albarosa)

Book I: Canto XIV (Freedom for Orlando)

Book I: Canto XV (The Company of Nine)

Book I: Canto XVI (Galafrone Routed)

Book I: Canto XVII (Rinaldo's Quest)

Book I: Canto XVIII (Two Duels)

Book I: Canto XIX (The Death of Agricane)

Book I: Canto XX (Brandimarte and Marfisa in action)

Book I: Canto XXI (Leodilla's Tale)

Book I: Canto XXII (The Twin Sisters)

Book I: Canto XXIII (Rinaldo at Bay)

Book I: Canto XXIV (Orlando's Labours)

Book I: Canto XXV (Orlando at Albracca)

Book I: Canto XXVI (The Death of Truffaldino)

Book I: Canto XXVII (Orlando's Duel with Rinaldo)

Book I: Canto XXVIII (Rinaldo Saved)

Book I: Canto XXIX (The Tale of Orrigille)

Book II: Canto I (Agramante's War Council)

Book II: Canto II (The Bridge Perilous)

Book II: Canto III (Seeking Ruggiero)

Book II: Canto IV (Falerina's Garden)

Book II: Canto V (Brunello the Thief)

Book II: Canto VI (Rodomonte in Provençe)

Book II: Canto VII (Morgana's Lake)

Book II: Canto VIII (Faery Treasure)

Book II: Canto IX (Fortune's Tresses)

Book II: Canto X (Balisardo the Shape-Shifter)

Book II: Canto XI (Brandimarte to the Rescue)

Book II: Canto XII (Disguise and Deceit)

Book II: Canto XIII (In the Realms of Morgana and Alcina)

Book II: Canto XIV (Rinaldo Returns to France)

Book II: Canto XV (The River of Love)

Book II: Canto XVI (The Tourney at Mount Carena)

Book II: Canto XVII (The Tale of Narcissus)

Book II: Canto XVIII (The Fall of Albracca)

Book II: Canto XIX (Barigaccio the Robber)

Book II: Canto XX (The Tournament in Cyprus)

Book II: Canto XXI (Atlante's Prophecy)

Book II: Canto XXII (The Catalogue of Kings)

Book II: Canto XXIII (The Siege of Montalbano)

Book II: Canto XXIV (The Clash of Monarchs)

Book II: Canto XXV (Febosilla's Palace)

Book II: Canto XXVI (Doristella's Tale)

Book II: Canto XXVII (Brandimarte's Marriage)

Book II: Canto XXVIII (The Hunt at Bizerte)

Book II: Canto XXIX (Agramante in Spain and France)

Book II: Canto XXX (The Battle at Montalbano)

Book II: Canto XXXI (The Phantom Army)

Book III: Canto I (Mandricardo's Deeds)

Book III: Canto II (Hector's Armour)

Book III: Canto III (Princess Lucina)

Book III: Canto IV (Retreat to Paris)

Book III: Canto V (Ruggiero and Bradamante)

Book III: Canto VI (Seeking Durindana)

Book III: Canto VII (The River of Laughter)

Book III: Canto VIII (Paris Besieged)

Book III: Canto IX (Fiordispina and Bradamante)

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Ariosto - Orlando Furioso, translated by A. S. Kline

‘Orlando Furioso’ is Ariosto’s continuation of Matteo Maria Boiardo’s unfinished romance ‘Orlando Innamorato’. Its setting is borrowed from the 11th Century ‘Chanson de Roland’, written in Old French, which tells of the death of Roland at the Battle of Roncevaux (Roncesvalles). Orlando is here an Italian version of Roland the Christian knight who, in the French epic poem, fights for Charlemagne in a battle between the Christian paladins and the invading Saracens.

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