Ariosto: Orlando Furioso

A complete English translation

With the full cycle of illustrations by Gustave Doré (France, 1832-1883).

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Without food or drink he lay, while the birth,

Thrice, of the rising sun new light conferred...

And upon that dreadful frenzy, he began

The strangest ever seen in mortal man.

Ludovico Ariosto, 'Orlando Furioso' Canto XXIII.

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List of Characters

Canto I (In Pursuit of Angelica)

Canto II (The Sorcerer’s Castle)

Canto III (The House of Este)

Canto IV (Bradamante and Ruggiero)

Canto V (The Tale of Ginevra)

Canto VI (The Enchanted Isle)

Canto VII (Alcina the Sorceress)

Canto VIII (Angelica's Plight)

Canto IX (The Tale of Olimpia)

Canto X (Rescued and Rescuer)

Canto XI (Orlando and the Sea-Monster)

Canto XII (The Enchanted Mansion)

Canto XIII (The Tale of Isabella)

Canto XIV (Mandricardo, Doralice, and Rodomonte)

Canto XV (Astolfo's Travels)

Canto XVI (Rinaldo at the Siege of Paris)

Canto XVII (Norandino and the Ogre)

Canto XVIII (Martano's Downfall)

Canto XIX (Angelica and Medoro)

Canto XX (The City of Women)

Canto XXI (Hermonides' Tale)

Canto XXII (Pinabel's Downfall)

Canto XXIII (Orlando's Frenzy)

Canto XXIV (Zerbino's Fate)

Canto XXV (Ricciardetto's Tale)

Canto XXVI (In Pursuit of Vengeance)

Canto XXVII (Conflict and Discord)

Canto XXVIII (The Innkeeper's Tale)

Canto XXIX (Orlando's Wanderings)

Canto XXX (Mandricardo's Fate)

Canto XXXI (Fiordelisa and Brandimarte)

Canto XXXII (Bradamante's Jealousy)

Canto XXXIII (Merlin's Prophetic Art)

Canto XXXIV (Astolfo on the Moon)

Canto XXXV (Bradamante at the Bridge)

Canto XXXVI (Reconciliation)

Canto XXXVII (The Tale of Marganor)

Canto XXXVIII (Agramante Besieged)

Canto XXXIX (Orlando Restored)

Canto XL (The War in Africa)

Canto XLI (Ruggiero Baptised)

Canto XLII (Rinaldo's Quest)

Canto XLIII (Two Tales and a Funeral)

Canto XLIV (A Marriage Delayed)

Canto XLV (Ruggiero's Woes)

Canto XLVI (A Beginning and an Ending)

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