Ariosto: Orlando Furioso

List of Characters

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Illustrations photographed and digitally restored from the Fratelli Treves edition (Milan, 1899) by A. D. Kline.

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Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 1

Abrante Son of Cymosco.

Adonio A knight of Mantua in the boatman’s tale.

Agolante A Saracen king of Africa. Father of Almonte and Galaciella. Grandfather of Ruggiero.

Agramante A Saracen king of Africa, the son of Troiano.

Agricane Khan of Tartary. He loved Angelica, but was slain by Orlando. The father of Mandricardo.

Aistulf (d756AD). King of the Lombards after Ratchis, his brother, abdicated the throne (749AD). He appears as a character in the Innkeeper’s Tale.

Alardo Son of Amone.

Albany See Polinesso.

Alcestus A Thracian warrior and suitor to Lydia.

Alcina A sorceress, sister to the sorceress Morgana.

Aldabella The sister of Brandimarte, Oliviero, and Ziliante.

Aldigier The bastard son of Buovo, lord, with his brothers Viviano and Malagigi, of Agrismonte. Cousin to Ricciardetto and the other sons of Amone.

Aleria Guidon’s most loyal wife.

Alexandria The daughter of Orontea, in Guidon’s tale. In love with Elbanio.

Almonio A follower of Zerbino.

Almonte A Saracen, the son of Agolante and brother to Troiano, therefore uncle to Agramante. Slain by Orlando in Aspramonte. The father of Dardinello.

Alzirdo: King of Tremisena

Amone Duke of Dodona. Brother to Milone, husband of Beatrice, father of Rinaldo, Bradamante, Guicciardo, Ricciardo, Alardo, and Ricciardetto.

Andronica One of Logistilla’s ladies, (symbolising courage) in company with Fronesia (wisdom), Dicilla (honesty) and Sofrosina (chastity).

Angelica Daughter of the Khan of Cathay (a realm in India).

Anselmo A noble judge of Mantua, in the boatman’s tale.

Aquilante the Black A son of Oliviero. His brother is Grifone the White.

Argalia Angelica’s dead brother, slain by Ferrau. His magic lance was taken by Astolfo.

Argeo A baron of the Eastern Empire, in Hermonides’ tale.

Argia The wife of Anselmo, in the boatman’s tale. She is from Ferrara.

Armelina Wife to Uggiero, sister to Beatrice, and mother of Dudon.

Ariodante Duke of Albany. An Italian knight in love with Ginevra. Brother to Lurcanio.

Atlante An African sorcerer, from Carena. Ruggiero’s foster-father.

Astolfo A knight of France, son of King Otho of England, and cousin to Rinaldo, Orlando, Bradamante, and Ricciardetto. His horse is Rabicano (‘The Arabian’). He bears Argalia’s magic lance, and a magic horn given him by Logistilla.

Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 6

Avino A son of Namo, his three brothers are Avolio, Otone, and Berlingerio.

Bardino An aged knight of the House of Monodante. The governor of Brandimarte’s castle.

Beatrice Wife of Amone, mother of Rinaldo and Bradamante. Her sister is Armelina, Dudon’s mother.

Bertolagi A Maganzese villain.

Bireno Duke of Zealand. In love with Olimpia.

Bradamante A warrior-maid, of the House of Chiaramonte. Rinaldo’s sister, and Ricciardetto’s twin, she is in love with Ruggiero, with whom she founds the House of Este.

Brandimarte The son of Monodante. Brother to Oliviero, Ziliante, and Aldabella. A Christian knight in love with Fiordelisa. His horse is named Batoldo.

Branzardo Agramante’s viceroy in Bizerte (Hippo).

Brunello A devious Saracen, in the service of King Agramante.

Bucifaro King of Algeciras in North Africa.

Callitrefia Nurse to Bradamante. Her daughter is Ippalca.

Charlemagne (748-814AD) (Pronounced ‘shaar luh mein’ in English). Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Lombards, and Emperor of Rome. He is Orlando’s uncle.

Cilander Brother of Tanacro in the tale of Marganor.

Constantine The text refers to both the Emperor Constantine the Great (c272-337AD) who founded Constantinople (Byzantium), and the Emperor Constantine V (718-775AD) who was the father of Leo IV, the Khazar, and a contemporary of Charlemagne.

Clodion (or Chlodio) The son of the legendary first King of the Franks, Faramund (Pharamond), according to the 8th-century Liber Historiae Francorum, which places him in the late 4th/early 5th century AD. He appears as a character in the tale of Tristan’s Tower.

Cloridano A Saracen warrior. Friend to Medoro.

Corebo Of Bilbao, an associate of Odorico.

Cymosco King of Friesland.

Dalinda Female companion to Ginevra. In love with Polinesso.

Dardinello King of the Zumara. The son of Almonte.

Doralice Daughter of the King of Granada, Stordilano.

Dragontina A sorceress, in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’.

Drusilla  The wife of Olindro, Lord of Lungavilla. She is seized by Tanacro, in the tale of Marganor.

Dudon The son of Uggiero. A friend of Astolfo.

Elbanio A scion of Hercules. The lover of Alexandria, in Guidon’s tale.

Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 4

Eriphila A savage giantess.

Falerina A sorceress in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’. Her enchanted garden is in the realm of Orgagna, where she created Ruggiero’s sword, Balisarda.

Faustus A character in the innkeeper’s tale. Iocondo is his brother.

Ferrau The son of Lanfusa. A heathen knight in love with Angelica.

Fiammetta A character in the innkeeper’s tale. Her lover is named ‘The Greek’.

Fiordelisa In love with the knight Brandimarte.

Fiordispina Of Spain. In love with the warrior-maid Bradamante.

Gabrina An old crone who haunts Isabella and Zerbino, the wife of Argeo in Hermonides’ tale.

Galaciella Daughter of Agolante, mother of Ruggiero, and Marfisa.

Galafrone Khan of Cathay (a realm in India). Father of Angelica and Argalia.

Galerana The daughter of the King of Spain, in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’. She eloped with the young Charlemagne, who was living, incognito, at the Spanish court.

Gano di Maganza Called Ganelone, and leader of the Maganzese.

Ginevra A king’s daughter, in Scotland.

Gismonda The wife of Oliviero.

Gradasso King of Sericana and Nabatea. His horse is named Alfano.

Grifone the White A son of Oliviero. His brother is Aquilante the Black.

Guicciardo Eldest son of Amone.

Guidon Selvaggio (the Savage) A member of the House of Chiaramonte. An illegitimate son of Amone, and therefore half-brother, with his twin Carinda, to Rinaldo. Astolfo is his cousin.

Hermonides A knight from Holland, encountered by Zerbino.

Iocondo A character in the innkeeper’s tale. Faustus is his brother.

Ippalca Maid to Bradamante. The daughter of Callitrefia her nurse.

Iroldo A follower of Rinaldo, and friend to Prasildo.

Isabella A noble Saracen lady. Loved by Zerbino.

Isolier A pagan leader from Spain.

Lanfusa Ferrau’s mother.

Leo Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, Leo IV, the Khazar (750-780). Son of Constantine V.

Leone A Byzantine prince.

Logistilla Sister to Alcina and Morgana.

Lucina Daughter to the King of Cyprus. The wife of Norandino.

Lurcanio Brother to Ariodante.

Lydia Daughter to the King of Lydia, loved by Alcestus.

Malagigi A sorcerer, appearing in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’. Brother to Viviano and Aldigier.

Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 3

Mambrino A Saracen king. Rinaldo slew him in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’, and wears his enchanted helmet.

Mandricardo King of the Tartars. His father was Agricane.

Manilardo King of Noritia.

Marfisa An Asian warrior-queen. Ruggiero’s twin sister.

Marganor A tyrannical giant.

Marsilio King of Spain.

Martano A knight from Antioch. Orrigille’s lover.

Medoro A Saracen, loved by Angelica.

Melissa A benevolent sorceress.

Milone Brother to Almone, father of Orlando.

Morando the Fair A baron, at odds with Argeo, in Hermonides’ tale.

Morgana A sorceress. Sister to Alcina.

Namus Duke of Bavaria, guardian to Angelica.

Norandino King of Damascus, and all Syria.

Odorico A disloyal friend of Zerbino.

Olimpia Daughter of the Count of Holland.

Olindro, Lord of Lungavilla His wife is Drusilla. He is slain by Tanacro in the tale of Marganor.

Oliviero Marquis of Vienna. A Christian knight. Brother to Ziliante, Brandimarte, and Aldabella, Husband to Gismonda. Father of Grifone and Aquilante.

Orlando Count of Brava. Lord of Anglante. Son of Milone. Nephew to Charlemagne, and Almone. In love with Angelica. His sword is Durindana. His horse is Brigliador. At the start of Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’ we are told that he has a wife, Alda.

Orontea A Greek ruler of Latakia, in Guidon’s tale.

Orrigille Loved by Grifone.

Orrilo A robber demon.

Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 2

Otho King of England, father of Astolfo.

Philander, brother to Hermonides

Pinabel Count of the House of Maganza. Son of Anselmo d’Altaripa.

Polinesso The Duke of Albany, a Scottish lord.

Prasildo A follower of Rinaldo, and friend to Iroldo.

Ricciardetto Son of Amone. Twin brother to Bradamante. Brother to Rinaldo.

Ricciardo Son of Amone.

Rinaldo Son of Amone, brother of Bradamante and Ricciardetto. A nobleman from Montalbano, of the House of Chiaramonte. His horse is named Bayard, his sword Fusberta. At the start of Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’ we are told that he has a wife, Clarice.

Rodomonte Of Sarza, King of Algiers. The son of King Ulieno. A noted Saracen leader.

Ruggiero Grandson of Agolante, in love with Bradamante. His father also named Ruggiero (II) was a heathen descendent of Alexander the Great, and Hector. His sister is Marfisa. Their mother was Galaciella, Agolante’s daughter. His horse is named Frontino, his sword Balisarda. With Bradamante he founds the House of Este.

Sacripante King of Circassia, in love with Angelica. His horse is named Frontilate, renamed Frontino by Ruggiero.

Sansonetto A heathen convert. Viceroy to Charlemagne, and guardian of the Holy Places.


Stordilano King of Granada. Father of Doralice.

Tanacro Brother of Cilander in the tale of Marganor.

Theodora Sister (fictitious) to Constantine V.

Thraso Duke of Marra.

Troiano Agramante’s father.

Truffaldino A villainous character slain by Rinaldo, in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’.

Ulieno The former King of Sarza, father of Rodomonte.

Ullania A lady sent on embassy from the Queen of Iceland.

Ungiardo A liegeman of the Emperor Constantine.

Valerio Gian Francesco. A Venetian gentleman who related the innkeeper’s tale to him.

Vatran King of the Bulgars.

Viviano Brother to Aldigier and Malagigi.

Zerbino The Duke of Ross, son of the Scottish king. Brother to Ginevra. Loved by Isabella.

Ziliante The brother of Brandimarte, Oliviero, and Aldabella, in Boiardo’s ‘Orlando Innamorato’. Their father was Monodante.

Ariosto - Orlando Furioso - Index of Characters: 5