Boiardo: Orlando Innamorato

List of Characters

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Note: Where names are spelled differently by Ariosto in the ‘Orland Furioso’, his spelling is preferred, for the sake of consistency.

Adriano A knight-king.

Agolante A Saracen king of Africa, son of Barbante. Father of Troiano, Almonte, and Galaciella. Grandfather of Ruggiero.

Agramante A Saracen king of Africa, the son of Troiano. His horse is Sisifalto.

Agranore King of Agrigento.

Agricane Emperor of Tartary. The father of Mandricardo. His sword is Tranchera.

Aigualdo Duke of Ireland.

Alanardo Count of Barcelona.

Alardo Son of Amone.

Albarosa The sister of Count Orrisello.

Albrizac A necromancer.

Alcina A sorceress, sister to the sorceress Morgana.

Alda Orlando’s wife. Sister to Oliviero.

Aldobrandino III d’Este (1335-1361) A significant figure in the House of Este.

Alexander, the Great (356-323BC) a supposed ancestor of Ruggiero.

Alfonso II of Aragon (791-842AD) King of Biscaglia.

Alfonso V (1385-1458) King of Sicily, Aragon and Catalonia.

Alfonso Duke of Calabria Alfonso II of Naples. Brother of Ercole d’Este’s wife, Eleanor of Aragon.

Alfonso d’Este (1476-1534) Ercole’s son.

Alfrera King of Sri Lanka (Taprobana).

Alibante of Toledo A Moor.

Aliel A demon summoned by Balisardo.

Almonte A Saracen, the son of Agolante and brother to Troiano, therefore uncle to Agramante. The father of Dardinello.

Alzirdo King of Tremizon, in Algeria.

Amerigo Duke of Savoy.

Amirant The Emir.

Amone Duke of Dodona. The son of Bernardo of Chiaramonte. Brother to Milone, Buovo, Girardo, Pope Leo, and King Otho of England. Husband of Beatrice, father of Rinaldo, Bradamante, Guicciardo, Ricciardo, Alardo, and Ricciardetto.

Angelica Daughter of Galafrone, Khan of Cathay (a realm in India).

Angelieri A Christian knight fighting for Charlemagne.

Angelino A follower of Rinaldo.

Ansaldo Count of Nuremberg.

Anselmo of Ripa Father of Pinabel.

Ansuardo Count of Lorraine.

Antifor of Albarossia A Christian knight.

Antipater (c400-319BC) A Macedonian general, said (on no good evidence) to have poisoned Alexander the Great.

Antropofagon King of the Lestrigioni (the Laestrygonians, or Anthrophagi)

Aquilante the Black A son of Oliviero. His brother is Grifone the White.

Archidante Count of Sanguinto.

Archiloro Galafrone’s captain.

Arcimbaldo Count of Cremona. Son of King Desiderio.

Argalia Angelica’s brother. His horse is Rabicano.

Argalifa The Caliph.

Argante of Africa The third son of Alexander the Great and Elidonia. Father of Barbante.

Argante of Russia Emperor.

Argesto A giant.

Argosto of Marmonda Agramante’s Admiral.

Ariante A suitor of Orrigille.

Aridano The guardian of Morgana’s bridge.

Arigalte King of Amonia.

Arnaldo of Bilanda Slain by Orlando.

Arricardo of Perpignan A defender of Montalbano.

Arugalte A pagan warrior.

Astolfo A knight of France, son of King Otho of England, and cousin to Rinaldo, Orlando, Bradamante, and Ricciardetto etc.

Atlante An African sorcerer, from Carena. Ruggiero’s foster-father.

Attamandro The second son of Alexander the Great and Elidonia.

Avino A son of Namus, his three brothers are Avorio, Ottone, and Belengiero.

Avorio A son of Namus.

Balante A king, slain on Charlemagne’s orders, by Rugiero the Vassal, for his treacherous taking of the castle of Aspromonte.

Balduino A Maganzese.

Balgurano A Saracen knight.

Balifronte King of Mulga.

Balisardo An evil giant, a necromancer.

Baliverzo King of Normandia.

Ballano A king, supporting Angelica.

Balorza King of Ethiopia.

Balugante Father of Serpentino. Brother of King Marsilio of Spain. His sister Galerana is married to Charlemagne.

Bambirago King of Arzila.

Barbante Father of Agolante. A descendant of Alexander the Great.

Barbotta A thief in Fugiforca’s crew.

Bardarico King of the Canary Islands.

Bardino The kidnapper of Monodante’s eldest son.

Bardulasto King of Alcazar.

Baricheo Marsilio’s treasurer.

Baricondo of Majorca A Moor.

Barigaccio A robber captain, the son of Taridone the corsair. His horse is Bataldo.

Barigano King of Bernica and Rassa.

Barolango A Saracen knight.

Basaldo An Anatolian Turk.

Bavardo A king.

Belengiero A son of Namus.

Belisandra A ruler on the Barbary Coast, abducted by Rinaldo.

Beltramo Son of Rampaldo. A treacherous rebel against his father’s rule.

Bessus Satrap of Bactria who assassinated Darius III, and was executed by Alexander the Great.

Black Faery Aquilante’s protector.

Bordacco King of Damascus.

Bovarte A Moorish co-ruler with Languirano.

Bovo of Dozona A follower of Charlemagne.

Bradamante Daughter of Amone. A warrior-maid, of the House of Chiaramonte. Rinaldo’s sister, and Ricciardetto’s twin. With Ruggiero the founder of the House of Este.

Brandimarte A son of Monodante, and a Saracen. At birth named Bramadoro. Brother to Ziliante and Leodilla. His horse is named Batoldo.

Branzardo King of Bugia. Agramante’s viceroy in Bizerte (Hippo).

Brontino King of Normana.

Brunaldo Emperor of Trebizond.

Brunello A devious Saracen, in the service of King Agramante. He is crowned, by him, King of Tingitana.

Bucifaro King of Alcazar.

Buovo (Bevis) of Hampton (Southampton) descendant of Ruggiero I, ancestor of our Ruggiero.

Calabrun King of Aragon.

Calidora The maiden encountered by Orlando, near Narcissus’ Fount.

Caramano King of Santaria.

Cardone An Indian king, fighting for Gradasso.

Cardorano King of Cosca.

Carogiero Descended from Agolante, in a parallel line to Agramante. Mordante is his illegitimate son.

Charlemagne (748-814AD) (Pronounced ‘shaar·luh·mein’ in English). Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Lombards, and Emperor of Rome. He is Orlando’s uncle.

Chiaro A don killed by Orlando.

Chiarone A knight.

Circella An enchantress whose history is depicted on a loggia viewed by Orlando.

Clarice Rinaldo’s wife.

Cleves Duke in Charlemagne’s army.

Clodovaco Son to Floviano, brother of Constante.

Constante Son to Floviano, brother of Clodovaco.

Constanto Son of Constante.

Constantine Constantine the Great (c272-337AD) who gave his name to Constantine in Algeria.

Corbino Brother of Orrigille.

Costantin Brother to King Mambrino.

Costanzo King of Greece. The son of Avatarone.

Daniberto King of Frisa.

Daniforte Seneschal of Tunis.

Dardinello King of Zumara. The son of Almonte.

Demogorgon Ruler of the Faery Realm.

Desiderio King of Pavia. Ruler of Lombardy.

Dolistone King of Liza. Father of Fiordelisa and Doristella.

Doralice Daughter of the King of Granada, Stordilano.

Doriconte A soldier in Marsilio’s army.

Dorifebo King of Valencia.

Dorilone King of Ceuta.

Doristella Fiordelisa’s sister. Daughter of the King of Liza.

Draginazzo A demon.

Dragontina A sorceress.

Dudon The son of Uggiero.

Dudrinasso King of Libicana.

Duodo of Antona A Christian knight.

Durastante King of India, slain by Orlando.

Elidonia Alexander the Great’s (fictitious) mistress.

Ermelina Wife of Uggiero the Dane.

Falcone A knight.

Falerina A sorceress. Her enchanted garden is in the realm of Orgagna.

Falsetta A demon.

Falsirone Father of Ferrau.

Faraldo King of Arabia.

Farurante King of Maurina.

Febosilla A faery.

Faustus A character in the innkeeper’s tale. Iocondo is his brother.

Ferrau (Feraguto) The son of Falsirone and Lanfusa. A brother to Isolier. Nephew of Marsilio.

Fioravante Son of Fiorello.

Fiordelisa In love with the knight Brandimarte. Doristella’s sister, and daughter to the king of Liza, Dolistone.

Fiordispina Of Spain. Sister to Matalista.

Fiorello Son of Fiovo.

Fiovo Son of Constanto.

Floviano Son of Polidante.

Folvo King of Fez.

Folderico A rich old man.

Folicone Count of Almeria.

Folvirante King of Navarre.

Fountain Faery

Framarte King of Persia.

Francardo King of Elissa; fighting for Gradasso.

Fugiforca A kidnapper.

Galaciella Daughter of Agolante. Agramante’s aunt. Wife to Ruggiero II. Mother of our Ruggiero, and Marfisa.

Galafrone Khan of Cathay (a realm in India). Father of Angelica and Argalia.

Galerana The daughter of Galafro the King of Spain. Sister of Marsilio, Balugante, and Falsirone.

Gambone A slave in Doristella’s tale.

Gano of Poitiers Count of Maganza. Called Ganelone, and leader of the Maganzese.

Gianbarone Son of Clodovaco.

Giasarte A pagan warrior defeated by Astolfo.

Ginamo of Bayonne Uncle to Gano.

Girardo Renounced his Christianity due to Orlando.

Gordanetto King of the Arabs.

Gorgone King of Africa, slain by the sons of Alexander and Elidonia.

Gradasso King of Sericana.

Grandonio of Volterra King of Morocco.

Grifaldo King of Getulia.

Grifone Count of Maganza. Cousin to Gano.

Grifone Son of Oliviero, Brother to Aquilante.

Gualciotto King of Bellamarina.

Gualtiero of Monleone A Christian knight.

Guicciardo Eldest son of Amone.

Guy Duke of Burgundy.

Guido Count of Montfort.

Huon of Bordeaux A Christian knight.

Iachetto A Christian knight.

Iroldo A knight, a native of Babylon.

Isolier A pagan leader from Spain. Ferrau’s brother.

Ivone A kinsman and follower of Rinaldo.

Lampordo A giant.

Lanfusa The mother of Malagisi.

Languirano A Moorish co-ruler with Bovarte.

Larbino (1) A king loved by Calidora.

Larbino (2) King of Portugal.

Leodilla Daughter of King Monodante. Sister to Brandimarte and Ziliante.

Locrino A suitor of Orrigille.

Lucina Daughter to the King of Cyprus, Tibiano.

Lurcone King of Norway.

Macario of Lusan Of the House of Maganza.

Malagigi Son of Lanfusa. A sorcerer.

Malagriffa A demon.

Malapresa A thief.

Malcompagno A robber.

Malgarino A Moor

Malzarise A Saracen king.

Mambrino A Saracen king.

Mandricardo King of the Tartars. His father is Agricane.

Manibruno of Ireland A Christian knight.

Manilardo King of Noritia.

Maradasso King of Andalusia.

Marbalusto King of Oran.

Marchino Lord of Aronda.

Marcolfo A Saracen.

Marfisa A warrior-maiden. Ruggiero’s twin sister.

Marfusto Kidnapper of Leodilla.

Maricoldo King of Galicia.

Marigano Count of Gerona.

Marigotto King of Satalia. A Turk.

Marsilio King of Spain. Father of Fiordispina. Brother of Falsirone, Balugante and Galerana. Uncle of Ferrau and Isolier.

Martasino The new king of Garamanta, replacing his predecessor the aged priest of Apollo who is unnamed in the text.

Matalista Brother to Fiordispina.

Menadarbo Sultan of Egypt and Syria.

Milone Brother to Almone, father of Orlando.

Mirabaldo King of Bolga.

Monodante King of the Distant Isle. Father of Brandimarte (Bramadoro), Ziliante and Leodilla.

Morbeco A Turk from Anatolia.

Mordante King of Tolometta.

Morgana The Treasure Faery. A sorceress. Sister to Alcina.

Morgante A king in Marsilio’s army.

Moridano A Saracen king.

Mulabuferso King of Fizano.

Namus Duke of Bavaria. He is the father of Avorio, Avino, Belengiero, and Ottone.

Narbinale Count of Algeciras.

Norandino (Nur ed-Din 12th century AD, father of Saladin) Ruler of Damascus.

Oberto A knight His name, as Oberto dal Leone, assumed by Argalia at Charlemagne’s court.

Olibandro Brother to Sacripante.

Olivalto Lord of Cartagena.

Oliviero Marquis of Vienne. The son of Ranier of Rheims. Father of Grifone and Aquilante. Brother of Alda. His sword is Altachiera.

Ordauro Suitor to Leodilla.

Oridante A giant.

Origante Lord of Malaga.

Orione King of Macrobia.

Oringo A knight in Uldarno’s tale of Orrigille.

Orlando Count of Brava. Lord of Anglante. Son of Milone. Nephew to Charlemagne, and Almone. Cousin to Rinaldo. In love with Angelica. His sword is Durindana. His horse is Brigliador. Betrothed to Alda.

Orrigille A woman from Bactria.

Orrilo A villain.

Orrisello Count of Montefalcone.

Otachier Son of Philip, King of Hungary.

Otho King of England, father of Astolfo.

Ottino Count of Toulouse.

Ottone A son of Namus.

Pandragon King of Gotia.

Pantasilicor A king in Thessaly, captured, and hung, by Rinaldo.

Paricone Count of Alva.

Partano Count of Cordoba.

Pasitea One of the three graces who appear to Rinaldo.

Perodia Queen of Liza.

Philip King of Hungary.

Pilïasi A Russian prince, defeated by Astolfo.

Pinabel Count of the House of Maganza.

Pinadoro King of Constantine.

Pipin The father of Charlemagne.

Polidante Son of Polidoro.

Polidoro Son of Astyanax.

Poliferno King of Orgagna.

Polindo Lover of Albarosa.

Porus King of India. Defeated by Alexander the Great at the Battle of the Hydaspes.

Prasildo A lord, in Babylon.

Prusione King of Alvarrachie.

Puliano King of Nasamona.

Radamanto The giant King of Moscow and Comano.

Raimondo of Picardy A Christian knight.

Raineri Count of Altafoglia.

Rampaldo Duke of Reggio, A descendant of Buovo. Grandfather of our Ruggiero.

Ranchiera A giant.

Ranibaldo Duke of Anversa.

Ranier of Rheims Father of Oliviero.

Ricardo of Normandy A Christian knight.

Ricciardetto Son of Amone. Twin brother to Bradamante. Brother to Rinaldo.

Ricciardo Son of Amone.

Rigonzone of Parma A supporter of King Desiderio.

Rinaldo Son of Amone, brother of Bradamante, Guicciardo, Ricciardo, Ricciardetto and Alardo. Cousin to Orlando. A nobleman from Montalbano (Montauban), of the House of Chiaramonte. His horse is named Baiardo (Bayard), his sword is Fusberta, his war-horn is named Bondino.

Roberto Count of Asti.

Rodolfone A relative of Duke Namus.

Rodomonte King of Sarza. A noted Saracen leader.

Rotolante Orlando’s pseudonym at the Cyprus tournament

Rubicone A rogue.

Ruggiero I, son of Gianbarone Ancestor of our Ruggiero.

Ruggiero II, son of Rampaldo Father of our Ruggiero.

Ruggiero A heathen descendent of Alexander the Great, and Hector. Grandson of Agolante, in love with Bradamante. His ancestor was Ruggiero son of Gianbarone.  His father was Ruggiero of Reggio, the son of Rampaldo, and husband of Galaciella, Agolante’s daughter. His sister is Marfisa. His horse is named Frontino, his sword Balisarda. With Bradamante he founds the House of Este.

Rugiero the Vassal He slew King Balante at Orlando’s behest.

Rupardo An enemy of Brandimarte.

Sacripante King of Circassia, in love with Angelica. His horse is named Frontalate, renamed Frontino by Ruggiero.

Salamone King of Brittany.

Salardo Count of Alverna.

Sansone of Picardy A Christian knight.

Santaria King of Sweden.

Saritrone King of Mongolia.

Savarone King of Media.

Scarapino One of Malagisi’s demons.

Scombrano Rodomonte’s pilot.

Serpentino King Marsilio’s nephew.

Sigieri Duke of Arles.

Silvanella A faery.

Sinagone King of Calatrava.

Sinibaldo Count of Holland.

Smiriglio of Maganza A Christian knight,

Sobrino King of Algoco and Garbo.

Sonniberra The eldest son of Alexander the Great and Elidonia.

Sorridano King of the Hesperides.

Spinamacchia A robber.

Spinella of Altamonte A Spanish Saracen.

Stella Wife to Grifone.

Stordilano King of Granada. Father of Doralice.

Stracciaberra King of Lucinor; fighting for Gradasso.

Tanfirone King of Almasilla.

Tardoco King of Djerba.

Taridone A pirate. Father of Barigaccio.

Tebaldo Duke of Bourbonne.

Teodoro King of Armenia. Lover of Doristella

Tibiano King of Cyprus and Rhodes. The father of Lucina.

Tisbina A lady of Babylon.

Torindo King of Turkey.

Troiano Son of Agolante. Almonte’s brother. Agramante’s father.

Truffaldino King of Baghdad. A rogue.

Turlone A giant.

Turpin Archbishop of Reims (753AD) (died c794AD). Claimed by Boiardo and Ariosto as a source for the history of Charlemagne’s reign.

Uberto Duke of Bayonne.

Ugetto of Dardona A Christian knight.

Uggiero, the Dane Father of Dudon. His horse is Rondello. His sword is Curtana.

Ugo Of the House of Maganza.

Ugo Alberto of Saxony A Christian lord,

Ugo of Cologne A Christian knight.

Ugo of Marseille A Christian knight.

Uldano King of Denmark. Cousin of Uggiero.

Uldarno A knight from Bactria.

Ulieno The King of Sarza, father of Rodomonte.

Ungiano A champion fighting for Agricane.

Urgano A giant.

Urgino A Saracen lord.

Urnasso An Indian king, fighting for Gradasso.

Usbego A Turk from Bursa.

Valibruno Count of Medina.

Varano King of Armenia.

Viviano Son of Lanfusa and Buovo d’Agramonte. Malagisi’s brother.

White Faery An enchantress.

William, Lord of Orleans

William, Lord of Roussillon

William the Scot A Christian knight.

Zambardo A giant who guards the Bridge of Death.

Ziliante Son of King Monodante. Brother of Brandimarte and Leodilla.