Charles d'Orléans: Selected Poems

An extensive selection  of poems by Charles d'Orléans has been added to the site, here. 'One Hundred Ballades and Rondeaux' represents about a third of his total output, and includes the best of his poetry. Charles was the grandson and nephew of French kings, and the father of Louis XII. Captured at Agincourt in 1415 he was detained in England for 25 years, due to a decree of Henry V, during which period he wrote his finest verse in the French language.  He was ultimately fluent in both languages and wrote some (less-distinguished) poetry in English. During his captivity he was a guest of Alice Chaucer, Duchess of Suffolk, the granddaughter of the poet, and thus provides an interesting link between the age of Chaucer and the age of Wyatt.

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