News Update: December

Our latest technical update of the website is now live. It offers higher performance; new accessibility features including dark/light modes and font resizing independently of page zoom; more informative download pages with author and text descriptions - also available via tooltips on the our index and shop pages; and the ability to  bookmark specific page positions in works, and enter notes, once users have registered for a free account. Note that our Privacy Policy page has been updated to reflect account creation, although our commitment not to further process such details, except for purposes of enabling the associated website functions, remains in place. 

Work is progressing on a new translation from the Anglo-Saxon of Layamon's 'Brut', or 'The Chronicle of Britain'. Layamon used both Geoffrey of Monmouth's writings and Wace's rhymed Old French version of the latter as source texts, to provide a revised pseudo-history of the British, though written in the language of the Anglo-Saxon rulers of his England. The work is notable for its extended development of Arthurian material, presenting Arthur as a historical figure resisting the Anglo-Saxon incursions, while the text also contains elements of fantasy and legend. We anticipate publishing the complete translation in early 2024.

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