Parzival: Printed Book and Kindle Edition

The Printed Book/Kindle edition of our new rhymed translation of Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival' is now available for purchase here.

The work is an extensive development of Chrétien de Troyes’ unfinished ‘Perceval’, the first extant version of the Grail theme. It is published here with illustrations by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Dated, from internal and circumstantial evidence, to the first decade of the 13th century, 'Parzival' is written in the East Franconian dialect of Middle High German. Its author Wolfram von Eschenbach was a contemporary of Gottfried von Strassburg, creator of the epic ‘Tristan’, and it is a fine and representative work from the richest period of Medieval German poetry which, as well as ‘Tristan’, includes the courtly love-lyrics of the Minnesingers.

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