The Philosophy of Epicurus: A Poetic Rendering

We have added a work by American poet Jim Levy to the site here. 'Elation, a Plea', is a brilliant poetic summary of the teachings of the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Born on the island of Samos, where Pythagoras, Herodotus, and Aristarchus the astronomer also lived and taught, Epicurus championed Atomic theory, and taught an Atheistic moral philosophy fit for our own age. Denigrated for centuries, particularly by religious adherents fearful of its tenets, his philosophy was misrepresented as advocating cheap pleasure, leading to the dismissive term 'epicurean'. It is high time his philosophy was more widely known and better appreciated. Atheism is shown thereby to have a long and honourable history. The one small Greek island of Samos might be said to have given birth to the study of History, the Heliocentric theory, and formal Vegetarianism, and to have reinforced the study of Mathematics and Atomic theory, helping to open the gates of thought to the Scientific, Atheistic, and morally complex future of the species.

The poem is from Jim Levy's collection 'Monet's Eyes', which can be found here. A superb collection by a skilful and thoughtful American poet, and well-worth acquiring.

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