Ariosto: Orlando Furioso Serialised

Our new project is a fresh translation of Ariosto's influential 'Orlando Furioso'. A masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance, it is an interwoven tale of knight and ladies, arms and love, set in the age of Charlemagne, against a backcloth of Moorish invasion, and Christian resistance. A tribute to the House of Este, and Ariosto's patron Cardinal Ippolito d'Este in particular, its varied subplots and colourful episodes proved a treasure-house for later writers, artists and composers. This translation will appear canto by canto, of which there are forty-six, in serialised format at approximately monthly intervals, with illustrations by Gustave Doré. The translation will employ Ariosto's original rhyme scheme, while introducing arbitrary section headings to clarify the direction and meaning of the narrative. The first Canto is available online here.

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