Updating of Chateaubriand's works now complete

The updating of François-René de Chateaubriand's works is now complete, with modernisation of more than 52,000 lines/paragraphs of html code and sourcing of over 815 public domain images.

A fully illustrated, electronic version of Chateaubriand's masterwork - his 'Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe' - is now available as are print editions of his travelogues 'Itinéraire de Paris à Jérusalem' and 'Voyage en Italie'. Finally, a print edition of Chateaubriand's classic of Christian romanticism 'Les Aventures du Dernier Abencérage' has been prepared in conjunction with a full-colour, combined volume of his novellas 'Atala & René'.

Work will now continue on updating the remainder of the French section of the site.

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