Lorca: Selected 'Poems of Love and Death'

Our previous selections of Lorca poetry, which occupied five separate webpages, have now been consolidated into one text: Lorca: 'Poems of Love and Death', here. Copiously illustrated with relevant artworks, mainly of the period, the translations can now be more easily accessed and referenced.  

The poems are organised according to the published editions of Lorca's texts, and the Spanish title has been added to each. Links to the previous five pages, and to the downloads, now redirect automatically to the new edition. 

The poems included, almost a hundred in total, represent all stages of Lorca's output from the early lyrical verse to the late deeply-felt sonnets, including the major poems from The Gypsy Ballads, The Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Meias, and the finest of the odes, casidas and ghazals. 

A European Printed Book and Kindle Edition is currently in preparation.

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