Marina Tsvetaeva: The Berlin Poems of 1922

Marina Tsvetaeva's Berlin poems have been added to the website here. It was in May 1922 that Tsvetaeva, and her daughter Ariadna, left her beloved Moscow to escape the Soviet regime she rejected, and was reunited with her husband Sergei Efron in Berlin. There, she continued to publish her previous poetry, which appeared in Berlin and Moscow adding to her substantial literary reputation, and wrote the poems translated here. In August 1922, the exiled family moved to Prague, living there a life of poverty. In 1925 the family settled in Paris for some years, until their ill-fated return to Russia; Efron and their daughter Ariadne in 1937 via Spain, and Marina in 1939; he destined for execution, Ariadne for imprisonment, and Marina to great hardship ended by her tragic suicide in 1941, leaving her son Mur (Georgy). Marina was in communication with both Rilke and Pasternak during her most productive poetic period, while Mandelstam and Akhmatova both admired her work, created with courage in the face of great adversity.

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