Poetry in Translation Site Upgrade

Poetry in Translation has undergone a site upgrade. The change log is as follows:

- Minor visual upgrades have been made to better match social-media branding.

- Apple iPad safari browser compatibility issues affecting the drop-down site menu at the top of each page have now been resolved.

- Apple iPad users lacking a specific app to handle compressed, .zip archive download files were unable to view downloaded files. We have addressed this issue with a script which decompresses .zip archives server-side and downloads the uncompressed file to the client. Uncompressed downloads are hence now available on each download page. Download button labelling has been made clearer so that Apple or Amazon Kindle users can better identify their most suitable download option. 

- Self-extracting .exe archive download files have been depreciated as they are considered a virus risk by most major anti-virus software packages. Requests for these files are redirected to the .zip equivalents.

- All site page extensions have been changed from .htm to .php along with general upgrading of relevant code to ensure php7 compliance. Redirects are in place for all links to the previous, .htm versions. These changes will, in the near future, enable a significant speed boost to the site.

Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or error reports with respect to the new site.

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