Clear Ground - the collected poems of A. S. Kline

The collected poems of A. S. Kline are now available in the single volume "Clear Ground", via Amazon. The collection comprises poems drawn from:

  • Perspectives
  • From the Mountain
  • Looking Back At Earth
  • Nature and Spirit
  • The Presence of Light
  • The Singing Of The Real World
  • Values
  • The Gate Of Grass
  • No Roots Except In Air
  • Entangled Clouds
  • Slipping By
  • The Other Side of Silence
  • Poetry, Charity
  • Voiceless Banners Blowing
  • Deep Fields
  • Pollen In The Air
  • No Design
  • Dark Matter
  • Irreality
  • Wayfaring
  • Freedom and Meaning
  • Another Nature
  • Earthlight
  • Wild Fruit
  • On A Distant Planet

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