Selected Poetry - Kindle version

3 March 2017

The Kindle version of Clear Ground: The Selected Poetry of A. S. Kline, is now available. 

The major upgrade of the site has completed in all sections, except for the update of the Greek plays, translated by George Theodoridis, which is now in progress. The technical upgrade, which began in 2014, when finally complete allows for much greater flexibility, while meeting higher standards of coding, presentation, internet performance and conformance. In addition, significant visual content has been added, using Public Domain images appropriate to the texts, to enhance the reading experience.

Further printed book and Kindle versions of texts will be available over time, and will be notified here as well as on the main site pages.    

I am currently working on Tacitus' Annals (Book III), translating material on the reign of Tiberius, and continuing to appreciate just how fine a historian and writer Tacitus is.