Like Water or Clouds

Simplified Chronology


Paleolithic (500,000-5000BC)

- L’antien Man

- Peking Man

- Homo Sapiens

Chinese Culture

- Stone Tools

Western Culture

- Cave Paintings (Altamira, Lascaux)


Neolithic 5000-1000BC)

- Yungshao Culture

- Lungshan Culture

- Liang-chu Culture

Chinese Culture

- Metallurgy in Bronze

- Pottery, Jade Carvings

Western Culture

- Megaliths, Pottery(Stonehenge, Carnac)

- Minoan Culture


Shang Dynasty (c.1480-1050BC)

- Tomb building

- Ritual sacrifice

Chinese Culture

- Bronze vessels, Writing

- Divination (Scapulamancy)

- Statuettes

Western Culture

- Bronze Age

- Urnfield Culture

- Mycenaean Culture


Chou Dynasty (c.1122-221BC)

- Western Chou

- Spring and Autumn Period

- Warring States Period

Chinese Culture

- Book of Songs

- Confucius (6th Century)

- Lao-Tzu

- Mencius

Western Culture

- Iron Age

- Hallstatt Culture

- La Tène Culture

- Phoenicians

- Classical Greece

- Roman Republic

- Alexander the Great


Ch’in Dynasty (221-206BC)

Chinese Culture

- Unified empire

- Great Wall

- Centralisation

- Regularised script

- F’eng shui (Geomancy)

Western Culture

- Second Punic War (218-201BC)


Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD)

- Emperor Wu-ti (r.141-87BC)

- Warfare against the Huns

- Silk Road trade with the West

- Ch’ang-an established

Chinese Culture

- Buddhism 65AD

- Ssu-Ma-Ch’ien (historian) (c.145-c.86BC)

Western Culture

- Defeat of Carthage (146BC)

- Fall of Roman Republic

- Imperial Rome


Period of Division (220-581AD)

- Disunity and internal warfare

Kingdom of Wu (222-280AD)

Kindom of Shu (221-263AD)

Chinese Culture

T’ao Ch’ien(365-427AD)

- Expansion of Buddhism

Western Culture

- Late Roman Empire

- Early Byzantium

- Attila’s invasion

- Barbarian migration


Sui Dynasty (581-618AD)

- Re-unification of the Empire

Chinese Culture

- Grand Canal, Road system

- Rebuilding of Ch’ang-an

Western Culture

- Mohammed (570-632AD)


T’ang Dynasty (618-907AD)

- Empress Wu (c.627-705AD)

- Hsüan-tsung (685-761AD, r.712-756AD)

- An Lu-shan rebellion 755AD

- Flight of Emperor 756AD

- Loss of Central Asian territory

- Weakened dynasty to 907AD

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-959AD)

Chinese Culture

- Neo-Confucianism

Wang Wei (699-759AD)

Li Po (701-762AD)

Tu Fu (712-770AD)

Po Chü-Yi (772-846AD)

Western Culture

- Middle Byzantium

- Rise of Islam

- Kgdm. of the Franks

- Langobard Kgdm. in Italy (568-774)

- Jutes,Angles,Saxons invade England

- Battle of Tours 732 (curbs Islamic expansion)


Northern Sung (960-1126AD)

Chinese Culture

- Neo-Confucianism

Western Culture

- The Normans

- Battle of Hastings 1066

- First Crusade


Southern Sung (1127-1179AD)

Chinese Culture

- Landscape painting

Western Culture

- Second Crusade

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