The T’ang Dynasty and The Tao




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Author’s Note

The T'ang Dynasty and the Tao  


T’ao Chien

Wang Wei

Li Po

Tu Fu

Po Chü-Yi 

List of Chinese name and term equivalents

Simplified Chronology

Index of poems by first line

Index of poems by title




Author’s Note


    There is a problem for the reader of texts about China and the Chinese, or of Chinese poems in translation, due to the variation in spelling of Chinese names and terms. This is caused by the many systems of transliteration used in the past when rendering Chinese names into English. It may make it difficult for the reader who knows no Chinese to recognise the same person place or term in different guises.

    Modern China uses the Pinyin system (e.g. Beijing for Peking) for Romanization of names, which is still unfamiliar and awkward for most readers in the West who are used to the older systems.

    I have therefore used traditional spellings in this text so that readers can recognise the names when referring to the many translations of Chinese poetry that already exist in English, and to older historical and biographical texts.

    However readers wanting to refer to modern Atlases of China, for place names, or to other modern texts, will find a comprehensive list of equivalent names and terms towards the end of the text. This includes a Pinyin spelling for each name or term and for place-names the modern province name to assist when referring to an Atlas.      




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