The Epodes and Carmen Saeculare

Horace, translated by Kline, A.S., (contact-email)

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A new, unexpurgated English translation of Horace’s Epodes, and Carmen Saeculare. Horace’s The Epodes is a collection of 17 poems utilising a variety of metres that were largely influenced by the Greek poet Archilochus. These poems combine lyric and iambic traditions, often exploring themes of love, politics, and social commentary. Carmen Saeculare, or ‘Secular Hymn,’ commissioned by Emperor Augustus in 17 BCE, was performed at the Secular Games to honour the Roman gods and goddesses. This choral ode celebrates Rome’s past, prays for its future, and promotes Augustus’ reforms. It’s structured in Sapphic and Alcaic stanzas, typical of Horace’s odes.

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Kline, A.S.,

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