The Gate Of Grass

Kline, A. S. (b.1947), authored by Kline, A. S. (contact-email)

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The Gate of Grass is the mind-gate that leads us back into nature. It is a humble gate unlike those of temples and palaces, intrinsically fragile like our relationship with nature, there to be brushed past and through lightly, while not weighed down by past defunct religions or ways of life. It is like all true perception, a gate of the individual and not the crowd. We perpetually stand at the gate, in every moment, since every moment is a new ‘translation’ of the world, a moment from which we can step forward into a new path. The gate cannot be approached from the direction of power or egotism, but only from that of honest searching, in the quest to find and be ourselves in relation to, and reconciliation with, all the non-human universe around us. The title sequence employs short poems, influenced by the gnomic styles of Zen and Taoism, to illuminate the concept.

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Kline, A. S.

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