Deep Song

Lorca, Garcia (1898–1936), translated by Kline, A.S., (contact-email)

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In 1922, the renowned Spanish poet Federico García Lorca delivered a lecture titled Importancia histórica y artística del primitivo canto Andaluz llamado ‘Cante Jondo’, translating to the Historical and Artistic Importance of the Primitive Andalusian Song Called 'Deep Song'. In this lecture, Lorca explored the cultural and historical significance of the Cante Jondo, or Deep Song, an ancient Andalusian musical tradition. He emphasised the form’s raw emotional power, its ties to the Romani people of Spain, and its reflection of the region’s complex history. Lorca argued for the deep-rooted authenticity of Cante Jondo, contrasting it with more commercialised forms of Andalusian music.

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Kline, A.S.,

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