Dark Matter

Kline, A. S. (b.1947), authored by Kline, A. S. (contact-email)

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This collection of poetry by A.S. Kline, the title of which refers to both the hidden dark matter of the universe, and the hidden dark matter of our minds, exercises a measured and formal style, to focus on the human, and the human condition. There are moments of personal reference, and self-reflection, as well as musings on the wider significance of human history and culture; and there are exhortations to the self, and other creators, to continue the processes of poetic expression, through which we can further understand and develop that self or selves. These poems also explore the boundaries of ‘irreality’, which is the poet’s term for the fusion of internal mind and external reality, that creates the ‘world’ which each of us separately and collectively inhabits.

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Kline, A. S.

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