The Mosella of Ausonius

Ausonius, Decimius Magnus (c. 310–c. 395), translated by Kelk, Christopher (contributor-contact-email)

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“Mosella” by Decimius Magnus Ausonius is a descriptive poem about the river Moselle, written by the Roman poet and rhetoric teacher from Burdigala (now Bordeaux). The poem showcases Ausonius’ skill in meter and verse, representing the literary techniques of Late Antiquity. It details the geography of the watercourse, the culture of the people living on its banks, and the daily activities around the river’s waters. The work serves as both a portrayal of nature and a social commentary, reflecting Gallo-Roman interactions with the landscape. In “Mosella”, Ausonius goes beyond mere description to capture a comprehensive view of a specific time and place.

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Kelk, Christopher

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