Ovid: The Heroides

A complete English translation

Heroides I-VII

I  Penelope to Ulysses

II  Phyllis to Demophoon

III  Briseis to Achilles

IV  Phaedra to Hippolytus

V  Oenone to Paris

VI  Hypsipyle to Jason

VII  Dido to Aeneas

Heroides VIII-XV

VIII  Hermione to Orestes

IX  Deianira to Hercules

X   Ariadne to Theseus

XI  Canace to Macareus

XII   Medea to Jason

XIII  Laodamia to Protesilaus

XIV  Hypermestra to Lynceus

XV  Sappho to Phaon

Heroides XVI-XXI Double Letters

XVI  Paris to Helen 

XVII  Helen to Paris

XVIII  Leander to Hero

XIX  Hero to Leander

XX  Acontius to Cydippe

XXI  Cydippe to Acontius

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