Wolfram von Eschenbach


List of Characters

Addanz Son of Lazaliez, grandson of Mazadan. Parzival’s great-grandfather in the male line.

Affinamus of Clitiers A companion of Gramoflanz.

Alize Sister of King Hardiz of Gascony. Wife to Duke Lambekin of Brabant.

Ampflise (1) Queen, then Dowager Queen of France. Gahmuret’s lady in a formal sense.

Ampflise (2) A Grail maiden. The daughter of Jernis of Rhyl.

Anfortas The Grail King, succeeded by Parzival. Parzival’s maternal uncle.

Annore Queen of Averre. Loved by Galoes of Anjou.

Antanor the Silent A knight at Arthur’s court.

Antikonie Sister of King Vergulaht of Ascalun.

Arnive Widow of King Uther Pendragon. King Arthur’s mother.

Arthur King of Britain, son of Uther Pendragon, grandson of Brickus, maternal uncle of Gawain, husband of Guinevere, who bore him Ilinot. Brother of Sangive.

Astor Duke of Lanverunz.

Beaucure Brother of Gawain.

Beauflurs A faery. Wife to Pansamurs, mother of Liahturteltart.

Belacane Queen of Zazamanc. Gahmuret’s first wife. Mother of Feirefiz.

Bene Daughter of Plippalinot.

Bernout de Riviers Count of Ukerlant. Son of Narant.

Brandelidelin King of Punturteis. Maternal uncle of Gramoflanz.

Brickus Son of Mazadan, grandfather of Arthur.

Castis King of Wales and Norgals. Herzeloyde’s first husband.

Cidegast Duke of Logroys. First husband of Orgeluse.

Clamide King of Iserterre and Brandigan.

Clarischanze of Tenabroc A grail maiden.

Clauditte (1) Daughter of the Burgrave Scherules. Playmate of Obilot.

Clauditte (2) A queen loved by Feirefiz.

Clias the Greek A knight at Arthur’s court.

Clinschor Duke of Terre de Labur. Maternal nephew of Virgil of Naples. Lover of Iblis.

Condwiramurs Queen of Brobarz, and Parzival’s wife. Daughter of King Tampenteire. Cousin to Sigune. Niece to Gurnemanz of Graharz.

Condrie Sister of Gawain. Daughter of King Lot of Norway and Sangive. Maternal niece of Arthur. Wife to Lischois.

Cundrie la Surziere Grail messenger. Sister of Malcreatiure.

Cunneware Duchess of Lalant (Lalander). Sister of Orilus and Lahelin.

Dodines Brother of Taurian. A knight at Arthur’s court.

Ehkunat A count. Brother of Gurzgri’s wife Mahaute.

Ekuba Infidel Queen of Janfuse. Cousin to Belacane, being the daughter of Belacane’s maternal aunt.

Enide Wife to Erec.

Erec Son of King Lac of Destrigales.

Feirefiz Infidel half-Brother of Parzival. Son of Gahmuret and Belacane. Husband, after baptism, of Repanse de Schoye. Father of Prester John.

Flegetanis Infidel astronomer and scientist.

Florant of Itolac, the Turkoyt Companion to Lischois. In service to Orgeluse.

Florie of Kanadic Loved by Ilinot, son of Arthur.

Florie de Lunel A Grail maiden.

Flurdamurs Daughter of Gandin. Sister to Galoes and Gahmuret. Paternal aunt to Parzival. Wife to Kingrisin. Mother of Vergulaht and Antikonie.

Friam Duke of Vermendoys.

Frimutel Parzival’s deceased maternal grandfather. Formerly a Grail King. Son of Titurel.

Gabenis A prince of Punturteis.

Gaherjet Gawain’s maternal cousin. A knight at Arthur’s court.

Gahmuret King of Anjou. Parzival’s father (by Herzeloyde). Feirefiz’s father (by Belacane). Son of Gandin and Brother of Galoes. Servitor to Ampflise.

Galoes Elder Brother of Gahmuret, successor to Gandin. Uncle to Parzival. Servitor to Annore.

Galogandres Duke of Gippones

Gandiluz Son of Gurzgri and Mahaute. Grandson of Gurnemanz.

Gandin King of Anjou. Parzival’s paternal grandfather. Son of Addanz, father of Galoes, Gahmuret. Lammire, and Flurdamurs. Husband of Schoette.

Garel A knight in Arthur’s suite.

Garschiloye of Greenland A Grail maiden.

Gaschier the Norman A maternal relative of Kaylet.

Gawain Son of King Lot of Norway, and Sangive. Maternal nephew of Arthur. Brother of Beacurs, Surdamur, Cundrie and Itonje. Husband to Orgeluse. Distantly related to Parzival through Mazadan.

Guinevere Queen of Britain, as Arthur’s wife. Mother of Ilinot. Related to King Segramors.

Gramoflanz King of a realm. His residence is Rosche Sabins. The son of Irot, maternal nephew to Brandelidelin. Husband to Itonje.

Grigorz King of Ipotente.

Gringuljete of the red ears A warhorse owned in turn by Lahelin, Orilus, Gawain, Urjans, Lischois, then Gawain once more.

Gurnemanz Prince of Graharz. Parzival’s first tutor. Father of Schenteflurs, Lascoyt, Gurzgri and Liaze. Maternal uncle of Condwiramurs. Brother-in-law to Tampenteire. Grandfather of Schionatulander.

Gunther Historical King of Burgundy in the early 5th century, and a significant character in the Nibelungenlied.

Gurzgri Son of Gurnemanz. Brother of Schenteflurs, Lascoyt and Liaze. Husband of Mahaute. Father of Gandiluz.

Guverjorz A war-horse owned by Clamide.

Hardiz King of Gascony. Brother of Alize.

Herlinde A lady favoured by Vridebant.

Hernant A king slain by Vridebant.

Herzeloyde Parzival’s mother (by Gahmuret). Daughter of the Grail King Frimutel, granddaughter to the first Grail-King Titurel. Sister of Anfortas, Trevrizent, Schoysiane and Repanse de Schoye. Wife of Castis. Queen of Wales and Norgals.

Hiuteger A Scottish Duke serving Vridebant.

Ibert King of Sicily. Husband of Iblis.

Ider son of Noyt A knight.

Idoel Father of Jofreit.

Ilinot Son of Arthur and Guinevere. Cousin to Gawain. Knight-servitor to Queen Florie of Kanadic, and died in her service.

Imane de Beafontane A young lady abducted by Meljahkanz.

Ingliart of the short ears Gawain’s war-horse, lost to Parzival.

Inguse de Bahtarliez A queen. Lover of Gawain.

Ipomidon of Babylon King of Nineveh, brother of Pompeius.

Irot A king, and father of Gramoflanz. Brother-in-law to Brandelidelin.

Isajes Marshal to Uther Pendragon.

Isenhart King of Azagouc. Son of Takanis. Servitor to Belacane. Maternal cousin to Vridebant.

Ither of Gaheviez King of Cumberland. Maternal nephew of Uther Pendragon. Partner to Lammire. Related to Parzival through Mazadan. The Red Knight slain by Parzival.

Itonje Younger sister of Gawain. Wife to Gramoflanz.

Iwan Count of Nonel, father of a Grail Maiden.

Iwanet A kinsman of Guinevere, and squire at Arthur’s court.

Jernis Count of Ryl, father of the Grail Maiden Ampflise.

Jeschute of Karnant Wife to Duke Orilus. Sister of King Erec.

Jofreit Companion of Gawain. Son of Idoel. Maternal kinsman of Arthur.

Kahenis Brother to Iseult of the White Hands. In Eilhart von Oberge’s Tristrant, he wishes to enjoy the favours of Iseult’s handmaiden Gymele, who places a magic pillow under his head which sends him promptly to sleep, thus she sleeps with him but preserves her honour.

Kardefablet Duke of Jamor. Brother-in-law of Lyppaut.

Kardeiz (1) Son of King Tampenteire of Brobarz. Brother of Condwiramurs.

Kardeiz (2) Son of Parzival and Condwiramurs. Twin brother of Loherangrin.

Karnahkarnanz Count of Ulterlec Count, and rescuer of Imane from Meljahkanz.

Kay Lord High Steward and Seneschal at Arthur’s court.

Kaylet of Hoskurast King of Spain and Castile. Maternal cousin of Gahmuret. Husband of Rischoyde, Titurel’s daughter. Maternal uncle of Killirjacac. Paternal kinsman of Schiltunc.

Killirjacac Count of Champagne. Kaylet’s maternal nephew.

Kingrimursel Landgrave and Burgrave of Schanpfanzun. Paternal nephew of Kingrisin. Cousin to Vergulaht.

Kingrisin King of Ascalun. Father of Vergulaht (by Flurdamurs), Gahmuret’s sister. Paternal uncle of Kingrimursel.

Kingrun Seneschal to King Clamide.

Kyllicrates King of Centriun, a member of Feirefiz’s suite.

Kyot Duke of Katelangen. Brother of Tampenteire and Manpfilyot. Father of Sigune (by Schoysiane). Paternal uncle of Condwiramurs.

Kyot Laschantiure the Provençal Wolfram’s alleged source for ‘Parzival’.

Lac King of Karnant. Father of Erec.

Laheduman Count of Muntane, a member of Poydiconjunz’s army.

Lahelin King and Brother of Orilus and Cunneware de Lalant.

Lamfilirost Burgrave of Patelamunt in the land of Zazamanc.

Lambekin Duke of Brabant and Hainault. Brother-in-law of Hardiz.

Lammire Daughter of Gandin. Paternal aunt to Parzival. Queen of Syria. Loved by Ither.

Lanzidant A count of Greenland. Page to Queen Ampflise.

Lascoyt A count. The son of Gurnemanz.

Lazaliez Parzival’s great-great-grandfather. Son of Mazadan.

Liadarz Son of Count Schiolarz. Page to Queen Ampflise.

Liahturteltart Son of the faeries Pansamurs and Beaflurs. Page to Queen Ampflise.

Liaz A count of Cornwall. Son of Tinas. Page to Gawain.

Liaze Daughter of Gurnemanz. Cousin to Condwiramurs.

Liddamus A duke, and supporter of Vergulaht. A sovereign lord in his own right.

Lisavander Burgrave of Beauvais. A vassal of Meljanz.

Lischois Gwelljus Duke of Gowerzin in the service of Orgeluse. Husband of Cundrie, Gawain’s sister. Companion to Florant.

Loherangrin Son of Parzival and Condwiramurs. Twin brother of Kardeiz. Duke of Brabant as the Swan Knight.

Lot King of Norway. Father of Gawain, Beacurs, Surdamur, Cundrie and Itonje (by Sangive).

Lybbeals of Prienlascors Grail knight.

Lyppaut A duke. Lord of Bearosche. A vassal of Meljanz. Father of Obie and Obilot. Brother of Marangliez. Brother-in-law to Kardefablat.

Mabonagrin Cousin to Clamide, and former lord of Schoydelacurte.

Maclisier A dwarf. A character in Hartmann von Aue’s romance ‘Erec’ based on Chrétien de Troyes tale, of the same name.

Mahaute Sister of Ehkunat. Wife of Gurzgri. Mother of Gandiluz and Schionatulander.

Malcreatiure A dwarf. Brother of Cundrie la Surziere. Page to Orgeluse.

Manpfilyot Brother of Kyot of Katelangen. Paternal uncle of Condwiramurs.

Marangliez Duke of Brevigariez. Brother of Lyppaut.

Maurin of the handsome thighs Guinevere’s Marshal.

Mazadan A faery, associated with Mount Famurgan. Parzival’s great-great-great-grandfather. Father of Lazaliez (Angevin line) and Brickus (Arthurian line) by the faery Terdalaschoye.

Meljahkanz Son of King Poydiconjunz, and abductor of Imane.

Meljanz King of Liz. Maternal nephew of Poydiconjunz. Husband to Obie.

Mirabel King of Avendroyn. Brother of Schirniel.

Morholt of Ireland Brother to Iseult the Elder, Queen of Ireland.

Narant Count of Ukerlant. Father of Bernout de Riviers.

Noyt Father of Ider.

Obie Elder daughter of Lyppaut. Sister of Obilot. Wed to Meljanz.

Obilot A young child, daughter of Lyppaut, sister to Obie. Gawain’s ‘lady’ in a formal sense.

Olimpia An eastern queen loved by Feirefiz.

Orgeluse Dowager Duchess, through marriage to her first husband Cidegast. Loved by Anfortas. Wed to Gawain.

Orilus Duke of Lalander (Lalant). Brother of Lahelin and Cunneware. Husband of Jeschute. Slayer of Galoes and Schionatulander.

Pansamure A faery. Husband of Beacurs. Father of Liahturteltart.

Parzival Scion of the Grail through his mother Herzeloyde, and of Anjou through his father Gahmuret. Grail King and baptiser of his half-brother Feirefiz the infidel. Husband of Condwiramurs. Father of Loherangrin and Kardeiz (2).

Plihopliheri A knight slain by Orilus.

Plippalinot Knight-ferryman near Schastel Marveile. Father of Bene.

Pompeius King of Nineveh. Brother of Ipomidon.

Poydiconjunz King of Gors. Father of Meljahkanz. Brother-in-law to Schaut. Maternal uncle of Meljanz.

Poytwin of Prielascors A knight.

Prester John Son of Feirefiz and Repanse de Schoye. A Christian priest-king in India.

Prothizilas A duke and vassal of Belacane.

Razalic A prince in Azagouc.

Repanse de Schoye Grail-bearer. Daughter of Frimutel. Sister of Anfortas, Trevrizent, Schoysiane, and Herzeloyde. Wife to Feirefiz. Mother of Prester John.

Rischoyde Sister of Frimutel, Wife of Kaylet.

Ritschart Count of Navers.

Rivalin King of Lohneis.

Rumolt Lord of the Royal Kitchen at Worms in the Nibelungenlied.

Sangive Sister of Arthur. Daughter of Uther Pendragon and Arnive. Wife to Lot, and mother of Gawain, Beacurs, Surdamur, Cundrie, and Itonje. Subsequently wife to Florant.

Sarant A master-weaver of Triande.

Schaffilor King of Arragon.

Schaut King of Liz. Brother-in-law to Poydiconjunz. Father of Meljanz.

Schenteflurs Son of Gurnemanz. Brother of Lascoyt, Gurzgri and Liaze. Cousin to Condwiramurs.

Scherules Burgrave of Bearosche under Lyppaut. Father of Clauditte (1).

Schiltunc Father-in-law to Vridebant. Paternal kinsman of Kaylet.

Schiolarz Count of Poitou. Father of Liadarz.

Schionatulander A prince, knight-servitor to Sigune. Son of Gurzgri and Mahaute. Dauphin of Graswaldan. Page to Gahmuret.

Schirniel King of Lirivoyn. Brother of Mirabel.

Schoette Queen of Anjou. Wife of Gandin. Mother of Galoes and Gahmuret.

Schoysiane Daughter of Frimutel. Sister of Anfortas, Trevrizent, Herzeloyde, and Repanse de Schoye. Wife of Kyot of Katelangen. Died giving birth to Sigune (Hence Frimutel at his death leaves four not five living children)

Secundille Queen of Tribalibot in India. A mistress of Feirefiz.

Segramore A king in Arthur’s suite, kin to Guinevere.

Sibeche The evil counsellor of King Ermenrich in the Dietrich hero cycle.

Siegfried The dragon-slaying hero of the Nibelungenlied, killed by Hagen.

Sigune Daughter of Kyot of Katelangen and Schoysiane. Parzival’s cousin. Lover of Schionatulander.

Surdamur Daughter of Lot and Sangive. Sister of Gawain and Itonje. Wife of the Greek emperor Alexander. As Soredamor(s) she is the mother of Cligès in Chrétien de Troyes’ tale of that name.

Tampanis Chief squire to Gahmuret.

Tampenteire King of Brobarz. Brother of Kyot of Katelangen and Manpfilyot. Brother-in-law of Gurnemanz. Father of Condwiramurs and Kardeiz (1).

Tankanis Father of Isenhart.

Taurian the Wild Brother of Dodines.

Terdelaschoye A faery (associated with Mount Famurgan). Wife of Mazadan, and ancestress of the House of Anjou and the Arthurian line.

Tinas Father of Liaz.

Titurel First King of the Grail. Great-grandfather of Parzival. Father of Frimutel (deceased) and Rischoyde. Grandfather of Anfortas.

Trebuchet A famous swordsmith and artificer.

Trevrizent Maternal uncle of Parzival. The hermit son of Frimutel. Brother of Anfortas, Herzeloyde, Schoysiane, and Repanse de Schoye. Maternal uncle of Sigune.

Turkentals A prince of Wales or Norgals.

Urjans A prince of Punturteis.

Uther Pendragon King of Britain. Grandson of Mazadan. Son of Brickus. Husband of Arnive. Father of Arthur and Sangive.

Veguhlat King of Ascalun. Cousin of Parzival. Son of Kingrisin and Flurdamurs. Brother of Antikonie. Cousin of Kingrimursel.

Virgil of Naples Maternal uncle of Clinschor.

Vridebrant King of Scots. Son-in-law to Schiltunc.

Wolfhart A berserker-type warrior in the Nibelungenlied.

Yvain A knight in Arthur’s suite.

End of the List of Characters

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