Faust Parts I & II


A complete translation, with line numbers,

and full stage directions.



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              Part I:


Preliminaries         (Dedication, Prelude, Prologue)

Scenes I-III           (Night, City-Gate, Study)

Scenes IV-VI        (Study, Auerbach's Cellar, Witches' Kitchen)

Scenes VII-XV     (Street, Evening, Promenade, Neighbour's

                             House, Street, Garden, Arbour, Forest,

                             Gretchen's Room)

Scenes XVI-XXV (Martha's Garden, Fountain, Tower, Night, 

                             Cathedral, Walpurgis Night, Oberon

                             and Titania, Dreary Day, Night, Dungeon)


              Part II:


Act I  Scenes I-VII   (Landscape, Castle, Hall, Pleasure-Garden,

                                 Gallery, Brightly-Lit Halls,

                                 Hall of the Knights)

Act II Scenes I-IV    (Chamber, Laboratory, Classical Walpurgis

                                 Night, Upper Peneus River)

Act II  Scenes V-VI  (Aegean Coves, Telchines of Rhodes)

Act III Scenes I-II    (Menelaus' Palace, Castle Court)

Act IV Scenes I-III   (Mountains, Headland:Battle, Emperor's Tent)

Act V  Scenes I-VII  (Country, Garden, Palace, Night, Midnight,

                                  Outer Court, Mountain:Forest:Rock:Desert)



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