Lines of Love, Wine and Song: The Muses at Work

Various Authors (500–200 BC), translated by Theodoridis, George (contributor-contact-email)

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Ancient Greek poetry, spanning from the 7th century BC through the Hellenistic period, was a diverse and influential literary form. The genre includes works from notable poets such as Anacreon, known for his lyrics on love and wine; Asclepiades, famous for his epigrams; Bacchylides, who excelled in odes; Hedylus, celebrated for his drinking songs; Ibycus, recognised for his passionate verses; Ion of Chios, whose work reflects intellectual depth; Melanippides, known for innovation in dithyrambic poetry; Poseidippus, a prominent writer of epigrams; Praxilla, one of the earliest female poets with a focus on lyrical simplicity; Sappho, famed for her intense personal lyric poems; Stesichorus, who contributed significantly to the development of choral lyric; and Timotheus, known for his musical innovations. The works of the Greek poets explored themes ranging from divine adoration and personal emotional matters to social commentary and mythological narratives.

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Theodoridis, George

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