Aristophanes (c.446–c.386 BC), translated by Theodoridis, G., (contributor-contact-email)

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Aristophanes’ Ancient Greek satire, The Clouds, was first staged at the City Dionysia in 423 BC. Despite its initial lack of success, finishing last in the competition, it was revised between 420 and 417 BC and later circulated in manuscript form. The surviving version is believed to be an incomplete representation of the Old Comedy, although this is not obvious in modern translations and performances.

The play is now recognised as an early ‘comedy of ideas,’ highly regarded in literary circles. It is infamous for its portrayal of Socrates, which Plato suggested contributed to the philosopher’s trial and execution in 399 BC. Nevertheless, the actual trial occurred years after the play’s performance, during a period of heightened suspicion against Socrates’ associates following Athens’ defeat by Sparta.

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Theodoridis, G.,

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