Astrophil & Stella

Sidney, Philip (1554–1586), translated by Kline, A. S. (contact-email)

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Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella, likely composed in the 1580s, and published posthumously in 1591, features 108 sonnets and 11 songs. The title plays on the Greek and Latin words for ‘star’ and ‘lover’. The work reflects Sidney’s personalisation of Petrarchan influences. The sequence narrates Astrophil’s unrequited love for Stella, which some have interpreted as autobiographical reference - linking Astrophil with Sidney and Stella with Penelope Devereux—Sidney’s former fiancée who later entered into an unhappy marriage to Robert Rich. Current critical consensus, however, tends to view the characters more as fictional constructs, distinct from Sidney’s literary persona. This modernisation by A. S. Kline provides a prose version of each poem to aid understanding.

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Kline, A. S.

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