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Chaucer, Geoffrey (c.1343–1400), translated by Kline, A.S., (contact-email)

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Geoffrey Chaucer, a foundational figure in English literature, wrote several shorter poems besides his magnum opus, The Canterbury Tales. Truth, also known as Balade de Bon Conseyl, advises adherence to truth as a moral compass. Nobleness explores the concept of innate nobility versus acquired nobility. Lack of Steadfastness laments human inconsistency. To Rosamund is a tribute to an idealised woman, and Fickleness delves into human volatility. Merciless Beauty is a roundel focusing on unrequited love. These poems showcase Chaucer’s moral and philosophical concerns, using various poetic forms like the balade and roundel. They are less narrative-driven compared to The Canterbury Tales but offer keen insights into human nature and morality.

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Kline, A.S.,

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