An Introduction to Plautus Through Scenes

Plautus (c.254 BC–184 BC), translated/authored by Hardin, Richard F. (contact-email)

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The collection celebrates the comic artist Plautus, an influential Roman comic playwright from around 200 B.C. who adapted Greek New Comedies with his unique touch. His Roman predecessors produced abulae palliatae plays featuring Greek attire, contrasting them with the more anarchic Old Comedies of Aristophanes. Plautus’s legacy endures from the Renaissance today; his work forms the basis for Shakespearean comedies and modern adaptations like Molière’s L’Avare and Gelbart and Sondheim’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Designed for multiple audiences, the collection includes scenes suitable for auditions or separate performances. It aims to attract not only comedy enthusiasts but also scholars and practitioners interested in the historical evolution of comedy. The collection serves as a gateway to explore Plautus’s complete works, particularly those that inspired iconic playwrights like Shakespeare, Molière, and Sondheim. It underscores Plautus’s varied comedic talent in character development, tone, and plot design.

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Hardin, Richard F.

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