Osip Mandelshtam

The Essays

Mandelshtam's manifesto “The Morning of Acmeism” and his essays on the Word and Culture, François Villon and Dante Alighieri.

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Poetry is a plough that uproots time...

Osip Mandelshtam, The Word and Culture.

The Morning of Acmeism

Mandelshtam's manifesto “The Morning of Acmeism” on the early 20th century Russian literary movement - characterised by a reaction against the vagueness of symbolism and by an emphasis on clarity.

The Word and Culture

Mandelshtam's essay “The Word and Culture” - proposing that the task of poetry is to preserve the departed world.

On Villon

Mandelshtam's reinterpretation of Francois Villon - regarded as a key figure in the Russian “Silver Age” movement known as Acmeism.

On Dante

Mandelshtam's “Conversation about Dante” discussing the complexities of Dante’s poetic speech, rhythm and structure.

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