The Silvae and the Thebaid


His occasional poems in five books

Book I To Stella

Book II To Melior

Book III To Pollius

Book IV To Marcellus

Book V To Abascantus


His epic of the Seven Against Thebes

Book I The two brothers: the origins of the conflict

Book II The Argive embassy: the ambush

Book III Argos prepares for war

Book IV The Argives approach Thebes

Book V Hypsipyle’s tale

Book VI The funeral of Archemorus

Book VII The battle begins: the death of Amphiaraus

Book VIII The death of Tydeus

Book IX The deaths of Hippomedon and Parthenopaeus

Book X  The death of Capaneus

Book XI The duel: the deaths of Eteocles and Polynices

Book XII Theseus kills Creon, and makes peace

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