Cornelius Tacitus

The Histories

AD69 – The Year of the Four Emperors and the Rise of the Flavian Dynasty

Vitellius. From a bust in Vienna

‘Vitellius. From a bust in Vienna’
Civil war and rebellion in the Roman empire A.D. 69-70, Bernard William Henderson (p146, 1908)
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The city will be returned to the senate and people of Rome,

the shrines to their gods.

A soldier’s glory is in his camp: that is his city,

there are his household deities.

Tacitus, 'The Histories' Book III:LXXXIV.

Book I: I-XXX Galba’s reign and Otho’s uprising

Book I: XXXI-LX Galba’s death, Otho’s reign and Vitellius’s uprising

Book I: LXI-XC Otho versus Vitellius

Book II: I-XXXI Continuing conflict, the Flavians in the East

Book II: XXXII-LXIV Otho’s death, Vitellius seizes power

Book II: LXV-CI Vespasian prepares his bid

Book III: I-XXXI The Flavian forces invade Italy

Book III: XXXII-LVIII Events in Rome, Gaul and Germany

Book III: LIX-LXXXVI The battle for Rome, the death of Vitellius

Book IV: I-XXXI The Batavian uprising led by Civilis

Book IV: XXXII-LXV Events in Rome, conflict in Germany

Book IV: LXVI-LXXXVI Cerialis versus Civilis, the German war

Book V: I-XXVI War in Judea, the surrender of Civilis

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