Translated from the Old English

Siegfried slaying the dragon

‘Siegfried slaying the dragon’
Great men and famous women (p62, 1894), Horne, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1870-1942
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Part I Prologue and Sections: I-IV Lines 1-319

Part II Sections: V-IX Lines 320-661

Part III Sections: X-XV Lines 662-1049

Part IV Sections: XVI-XX Lines 1050-1382

Part V Sections: XXI-XXVI Lines 1383-1816

Part VI Sections: XXVII-XXXI Lines 1817-2220

Part VII Sections: XXXII-XXXV Lines 2221-2601

Part VIII Sections: XXXVI-XXXVIII Lines 2602-2820

Part IX Sections: XXXIX-XLIII Lines 2821-3182

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