Talking To The White Goddess - Part Three

Giant Filament Seen on the Sun

Giant Filament Seen on the Sun, NASA

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Three Anonymous Rondeaux

"Toute seule passerai le vert boscage" - C13

Lonely I'll wander in the green woodland

since company I have none.

If I've lost my lover by my own hand,

lonely I'll wander in the green woodland.

I'll send him a message he'll understand

that I'll mend what I have done.

Lonely I'll wander in the green woodland

since company I have none.

"Ne me mettez en oubli" - C15

Do not put me from your mind

my sole comforter, my good

who of all the world I would

love the best of all I find.

My love gentle, true and kind

if my heart you've understood

do not put me from your mind.

Let us be of one sweet mind

that is what I ask of you.

Since with you I chose to bind,

do not put me from your mind.

"La fiance que j'ai en vous" - C15

The faith that I have in you

my only friend, my chosen one

makes me forget my martyrdom

and all my great suffering too.

One day we'll meet again we two.

What is it that makes me say so ?

The faith that I have in you.

We will, by god, despite those few

who would have wished to say us no.

None but god can hurt us though.

This is the root of all my good,

the faith that I have in you.

New Moon

Tender, so tender, arc of slender light,

new under the dark, collecting starlight.

Pale beauty, loveliest of all.

White stillness that frees me in the gulfs of time

for inner journeys to the kindest source,

the sweet heart of the Earth.

New Moon rising from the dying sun,

new life returning.

Softly you passed the shadows, safely came

open into the new beginning of the spirit,

into the birth of the gentlest aspect,

the conjunction where mind and feelings meet.

I knew you there, hidden, and then

seeing you born suddenly beyond the earth,

curved again like a woman taking

the universe into her arms,

Through the dark space you came,

of time and distance, healed and whole

from the sun's warm giving,

from the places of loss and departure,

risen again to life.

Moon fixed in memory where my deepest feelings

touch, intense the sphere of your circling.

Secret, careless child of our unknown

and unknowing oceans of the spirit.

Well of compassion. Sensitive bowl

of the electric shadows.

Reborn again. Moon of mind's seas,

now setting swiftly following the sun,

to come again in the new life,

in the heart's bright renewal.

In You

In you I drown and all my senses end.

What sense remains where I in you am drowned ?

The drowned self is beyond the body's sense.

The end of all my self in you remains,

The self remains when sense is drowned in you,

You are the sense of self where I am drowned.

What is the body's sense where self remains ?

I drown in you where all my senses end.