Recommended Links

All of these sites provide excellent, free material:


The Old English text and a literal translation -

Old English dictionaries -

Catullus Life and Works

Catullus Translations -

Cavalcanti Life and Works

Italian texts of Guido Cavalcanti’s poems -

Chateaubriand Life and Works

The complete French text (with supplementary material) of the Mémoires d’Outre-Tombe -

The French text of René -

The French text of Atala -

The French text of Les Aventures Du Dernier Abencerage -

The French text of Voyage en Italie -

Chaucer Life and Works

The Online Medieval and Classical Library Middle English text of Troilus and Criseyde -

Chinese Life and Culture

English translations of Tang Dynasty poetry by Hei Fengcong/Lengmen Daoshi/R. Earle Harris -

Chrétien de Troyes

Source texts for his Arthurian Romances (except Perceval) -

Source text for Perceval (PDF download) -

Dante Life and Works

Great Dante (Italian and Latin source texts here) -

Dante Online -

Elizabethan Poetry

Luminarium -

Matthew G Scarsbrook’s interesting Marlowe Site -

French Literature and Source Text Links

Classic poetry, the French texts -

Du Bellay -Les Antiquités de Rome -

Les Regrets-

D'Orléans - Ballades et Rondeaux -


The Middle English text of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -


The German text of Faust from Project Gutenberg -

Part I -

Part II -

The German text of Goethe’s works -,+Johann+Wolfgang

Gottfried von Strassburg

The German text of Gottried's unfinished Tristan - a PDF download from Google Books

Volumes 1&2

The fragments of Thomas of England's Tristan

Thomas Fragments

Latin Source Texts

The Latin Library -

Rome Literature -

Carmina Burana - The original text from Bibliotheca Augustana -


Source text of the Canti -

Ovid His Life and Works

Larry Avis Brown -

The Ovid Collection at U. of Virginia -

Petrarch His Life and Works

Peter Sadlon -

Texts in Italian including the Canzoniere -


A selection of poems by Salvatore Quasimodo, Italian text -

Quasimodo and others, Italian text -


The German text of his works -

Russian Literature on the Net

The Poets, texts in Russian -

Various great works in translation -

The Silver Age -

Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin -

The Seafarer: Old English Text

Spanish Poetry

Spanish texts of various poets including Hernández, Neruda and Machado -

Spanish texts of various periods -

A wealth of Spanish texts, including Rafael Alberti (indexed under R) -

Poetry texts from various Spanish-speaking countries -

A varied anthology of Spanish poetry -

Garcia Lorca’s Complete Works in Spanish -

Pablo Neruda’s Life and Works -

Troubadour Poetry: Occitan language source texts

Leonardo Malcovati’s Troubadour site: many Occitan texts and some English translations -

The Trovatori site at Rialto: many Occitan texts and some Italian translations-

The invaluable Occitan Lexicon: a short Occitan/French dictionary -

The Wanderer: Old English Text

Translations and e-Books

A major library of quality translations - Brian Cole’s Brindin Press -

Athelstane E-texts - Nick Hodson’s fascinating e-text creation site -

Tim Chilcott’s fine translation site, including Rimbaud, Lao-Tze, Basho, Racine and the Gospels -

James Huddleston’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey-

Free books online at U. of Adelaide -

The Online Books Page - John Mark Ockerbloom at U. Penn. -

Project Gutenberg - Michael Hart’s Free Text Library -

World Public Library -

Free e-Books for your PDA -

Eldritch Press - Eric Eldritch’s Free Archive -

The Internet Public Library (now closed) -

No Fear Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s plays ‘translated’ into modern idiom -

Poetry Sites

The Poetry Foundation - Literary journalism, everything poetic, online archive -

International Poetry - Point Editions

Paul Hurt’s Linkage Site - including Poetry and Criticism

Jim Levy's Poetry and other works

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