Talking To The White Goddess - Part 1


Moon-creature precious of desire
tender in faithfulness of light
how shall I touch your perfect fire ?

Suffering that breathes above me now,
beyond obedience to be,
Beauty will you itself allow ?

Peace of these constellations' calm
night of the mind that must endure
harbour the love in us from harm.

Power to the very utmost keep
the loved, the loving from despair
drowned where they lie in Eros-sleep.

Moon-creature precious of desire
faithful in tenderness of light,
how shall I touch your perfect fire ?


You are the shoulder of light above
the blackbird's way.

Delicate you throw yourself
from the high rock.

Bruised lips part in the arms of sky
on arms of stone.

O centre of the circle, and sacred
second letter.

Eyes of the future open in your
arrow-shaped leaf-blades.


Heavier than air my care for you
but lighter than leaves
the wind blows through.

Darker than night my care-in-love
yet brighter than breath
of light above.

O sharper than pain my love of you
but sweeter than that delight that through
the body sends its fire.


Sweet as the touch of night
or eyelids' touch of fire
lips touch in deepest night
the tremor of desire.

Mind in the night's excess
touches the dark of air
its silent tenderness
almost too much to bear.

Sweet as your touch so light
it barely stirs the night
its elemental deep
beyond the call of sleep.


Child of the moon
in moonlight known
your beauty shines
on all I own.

Child of the light
within the night
from you each gift
of touch and sight.

Child of the heart
within my arms
be free from fear
and all life's harms.



 Copyright 1999 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved
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