Federico García Lorca

Lectures on The Duende, Deep Song, and Lullabies, his Impressions of Granada of 1918, and Holy Week in Granada of 1936.

Deep Song

Deep Song - cover image

- His lecture Importancia histórica y artística del primitivo canto Andaluz llamado ‘Cante Jondo’ - 1922.

On Lullabies

On Lullabies - cover image

- His lecture Las nanas infantiles - 1928.

Holy Week in Granada

Holy Week in Granada - cover image

- His radio talk Semana Santa en Granada - 1936.


Granada - cover image

- Impressions of the city and the Vega from Impresiones y paisajes 1918.

Theory and Play of the Duende

Theory and Play of the Duende - cover image

- a translation of his brilliant lecture on artistic inspiration and creation.

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